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We Are Building Momentum: Read About The PROGRESS On Our Campaigns... Just From Last Week! And Get Ready For More!

We Are Building Momentum: Read About The PROGRESS On Our Campaigns... Just From Last Week! And Get Ready For More!

Last week was action-packed, so we're kicking off this Monday with an update! But first, we want to remind owner-drivers to pack the hearing room next Monday, June 24th at 10:00am at City Hall for a City Council hearing on owner-drivers' crisis and to remind our Uber, Lyft Via, Juno members to come to the office for a special App Drivers Campaign meeting next Wednesday, June 26th at 9PM. We have the momentum, let's bring home our victories! The City Council hearing is on four bills to address bank/broker lending practices and holding an oversight hearing on the "TLC's role in the medallion crisis." 

See our full list of DEMANDS for Debt Forgiveness and our App Drivers Rights and Raise for All Demands below!

1) Mayor announced TLC regulation to extend FHV Vehicle Cap and add new requirement that Uber, Lyft, Via, Juno can't leave drivers empty for more than 34% of the time in Manhattan Central Business District.  We were at the Mayor's Press Conference.  Get ready for actions, including the TLC Public Hearing!  And stay tuned for the official rule to be published.  The city's study on the cap found that drivers are earning 14% more than before - but still only $16 per hour, not even at the Minimum Wage of $17.22 per hour.  Even though the rates went up, drivers still don't get enough work.  In Manhattan, Uber and Lyft drivers are empty 44% of the time.
NYTWA in the media:  New York PostCrain'samNYNY1

2) The court approved our members' motion to intervene in Uber's lawsuit against the vehicle cap! Three App members - Samassa Tidiane, Amara Sanogo, and Tabish Syed - and one yellow cab member, Mouhamoud Aliy, filed a lawsuit to intervene - meaning, be given equal rights in a lawsuit as the party that files and the party defending itself - in a case filed by Uber against the city over right of the TLC to regulate the FHV Vehicle Cap.
NYTWA in the media:  New York Daily News

3) Mayor announced waiver of medallion license renewal fee, saving yellow cab owner-drivers $1,100!
NYTWA in the media:  New York Times

4) City Council introduced legislation to address medallion owner debt and the hearing is announced for June 24th at 10:00am at City Hall! We will pack the hearing room! On Sunday, we gathered in the office to watch The Weekly's episode on owner-driver debt featuring our member Mohammad Hossain.

5) City Council held a hearing on a bill to reduce tax stamp to $400, saving yellow cab owner-drivers $600.  NYTWA testified, calling for $0 over next two years for owner-drivers.

6) We have completed over 100 intakes from App members about Deactivation.  Keep up the reporting by clicking here!  We also have over 150 sign-ups for Owner-Driver Hardship Letters for medallion loan modifications. 

7) In California, our sister organization, the LA Rideshare Drivers United who called the May 8th App Drivers Global Day of Strikes, and the California State Federation of Labor are one step closer to winning employee rights for Uber, Lyft drivers!  If the bill passes, the companies will have to pay for vehicle expenses and gasoline and guarantee drivers at least the minimum wage.  We all know that what we won in NYC is still not enough - we want a regulated minimum fare across the industry, no more Upfront Pricing (by Apps or TPEP vendors such as Verifone or CMT), and a guaranteed percentage of the fare so drivers can earn more than Minimum Wage and earn our fair share when companies charge more to passengers.  If the California law passes, it will be the first of its kind state law in the country to make Minimum Wage a guarantee and require companies to pay expenses.  It will open the doors for more rights and power for drivers in NY and across the country! 
Read more:  Los Angeles Times

8) On June 11th, we were back in Albany to call for an Exemption for yellow and green cabs from the $2.50 Congestion Surcharge and any future congestion fees. After having a loud rally on the Million Dollar Staircase, we marched through the halls of the Capitol Building and into the Governor's Office.  Our four teams visited 60 Senate and Assembly Member offices, asking them to sign on to a letter in support of an exemption.  Even though Albany's regular session ends this week, we will keep making noise until victory is won!  

See you next Monday, June 24th at 10AM at City Hall for the City Council Hearing on the Owner-Driver Crisis and on Wednesday, June 25th for the App Drivers Campaign Meeting at 9PM at NYTWA Union Office (31-10 37th Ave LIC, Queens)

App Drivers + Raise for All Unity Demands!

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Our Owner-Driver Debt Forgiveness Demands!

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Read our Op-ed in New York Daily News with 32BJ SEIU urging lawmakers to OPPOSE the NYS Dependent Worker Act!

The New York Times + FX TV "The Weekly" Episode on Owner-Driver Crisis Airs Tonight!

The New York Times + FX TV "The Weekly" Episode on Owner-Driver Crisis Airs Tonight!