TLC Public Hearing on FHV Apps

Thursday, May 28th
10am at 33 Beaver Street, 19th Floor

There’s a bill in Albany to let Uber & other Apps dispatch to private drivers with personal cars in New York State.  Their business model is to flood the streets with cars & cut fares and raise them at their own will, killing professional jobs:  51% of Uber drivers are part-time & they set up recruitment for 10,000 NEW drivers in NYC to add to their 14,000 affiliated drivers.  There are 75 different Apps competing in NYC.  

NO DRIVERS will be able to earn a full-time living.  Across the world, millions of taxi drivers are RISING UP with strikes and demonstrations.

Stop the Private Pick-Ups!  Caravan to Albany!  TUES., JUNE 9th


NYTWA Victory!
New Rules for Re-Entry

Starting May 31st, TLC will have a new “Re-entry” rule to allow drivers to reapply before the end of the 3 year revocation period.  Also, a Defensive Driving Course will now reduce points even up until the day of the final hearing.  

NYTWA fought hard for these rules, showing TLC over 100 cases.  Ninety percent of the drivers who lost their livelihood had incurred non-hazardous violations, not speeding or red light tickets.  

Come to the union office for help with the re-entry application, TLC summonses, and license assessments.  


Featured Video

On January 16th 2015, National TWA and ITF held a joint Press Conference and Panel Discussion, "Ride-share and the Global Taxi Industry", at NYTWA Union Hall.  

The event concludes a 3-day strategy convention among drivers in NY, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Austin TX, Montgomery County MD, and international transportation unions in Brussels & the UK.  

Drivers share their experiences in each city and build an international network of solidarity against the at-all-costs aggression of companies like Uber, which is gutting driver rights and consumer protections.

Protect Full-Time Jobs!
No to TNCs & Share-the-Scraps Economy!

In the latest actions, hundreds of drivers gathered in Austin, Texas for a Speak Out, demanding the City Council set aside for a driver Co-op all of the 405 permits the city is considering to issue; while hundreds demonstrated in Perth, Australia for an end to the share-the-scraps economy; And Uber has been banned in Brazil!

Not since leasing made us independent contractors and placed the burden of daily debt on our backs have we been under such vicious attack.  Uber and Lyft lobby against insurance, security background checks, vehicle standards, and driver licensing requirements to de-professionalize our work and sell it in pieces.  To be the fastest and cheapest, they clog the streets with vehicles, undercut driver earnings and look only for part-timers.

No worker wins.  Rise Up, NYC!


NYTWA Launches Fair Courts Campaign

NYTWA and partners are filing Appeals and Article 78’s (appeals to NY Supreme Court) to challenge unfair guilty convictions at the OATH Taxi Tribunal, license denial by TLC, or loss of income due to administrative failure by OATH or TLC.

The NYTWA Court Defense Project looks to challenge findings of guilt with no evidence, incomplete determination of credibility, bias, and lack of services such as translation or support when drivers are self-represented.

Come to us with your cases!  Move our Fair Courts Campaign forward!


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Court Hears Arguments on Drivers Benefits Fund

On April 28th, the New York Supreme Court–Appellate Division heard oral arguments on the city’s appeal of a devastating ruling in April 2014 to void the first-ever Taxi Drivers Healthcare Services & Disability Fund.

In 2013, the Taxi Workers Alliance Benefits Fund was selected after public competition to administer first-time benefits: $350/wk disability insurance (off-duty injury or illness), vision, dental, hearing, back health, life insurance and more!  Many services are also for family members.  

The TLC stopped the six cents collection for the fund after the ruling and has been holding the money in a separate account pending a decision on the Appeal.

Whether through a court victory on the appeal (garages sued to stop the benefits) or a campaign at City Hall, we will bring benefits to this job!