Join the Protest Line Outside the Governor's Office and Make Some Noise!!!

Protest Line Outside the Governor’s Office
No Congestion Pricing on Drivers’ Backs!
Every Monday thru Friday starting Dec. 10th
12pm to 4pm
Address: 633 Third Avenue
Stop by anytime to stand with us and say: Exempt Yellow and Green Cabs from $2.50 Congestion Pricing Fee!

Hit the Streets! Starting today, Monday December 10th, join our Protest Line outside the Governor’s Office as we build up for our big Demonstration on December 19th at 1:30pm!

We need to protest to win an Exemption for Yellow and Green Cabs from the $2.50 Congestion Pricing fee that will be on every taxi trip that passes through 96th Street and below: pick-up, drop-off, or even going through the zone to get to another destination. For example: If you are going from Brooklyn to the Bronx and pass through the FDR, there will be an extra $2.50 fee! Green cabs will pay $2.75.

This will be DEVASTATING. 90%+ of yellow cab trips will be affected. And struggling yellow and green drivers will be locked out of a raise for years!

MAKE SOME NOISE! Call on the Governor to hold an emergency session with the State Senators and Assembly Members to exempt yellow and green cabs, just like the state exempted liveries in 2009 from the 50cents MTA tax.

TELL THE GOVERNOR TO STAND WITH THE DRIVERS! Join the protest line anytime every Monday thru Friday from 12pm to 4pm! Call the Governor’s Office at 212-681-4580 and urge an exemption for yellow and green cabs! And build up our Demonstration Outside the Governor’s Office on December 19th!!

Demonstration Outside the Governor’s Office
633 Third Avenue

Since 2009, yellow and green cab drivers have contributed $1 BILLION for the MTA! Yellows and greens already give 50c for every trip and pay a vehicle lease sales tax that goes toward the MTA. Uber, Lyft, and other Apps, meanwhile, will get a break of 75cents for group rides, even if the car has only one passenger.

This Congestion Pricing Plan will not reduce congestion, or raise much money as the industry goes bankrupt. This plan is just a road map to make it easier for Wall Street's Uber and Lyft to monopolize as they go for their Initial Public Offering (IPO) in 2019.

AT THIS TIME OF CRISIS: Call for yellows and greens to be exempt!  Driver Unity won the Vehicle Cap and won the first-time regulations to give App drivers a raise.  Stay united.  Together, we can win this fight for yellow and green driver brothers and sisters who will be devastated by this surcharge.  Once we win this fight, then we can be in line for a raise for all drivers with one minimum meter rate with higher fares (Initial $3.30; $3/mile; 60c/minute slow traffic) and 80% to drivers - no matter what car you drive! 

We are already winning support at the TLC! At the Dec 4th TLC hearing, Chairperson Joshi said NYS should pause Congestion Pricing until there is a plan to also charge private cars. Other Commissioners added that there should be emergency action to stop it!  The Governor's Department of Taxation and Finance can also speak the truth that they do not have a way to implement this surcharge. As regulators, they can call for a delay, while the Governor calls Albany back to order to vote on an exemption.

We Can Win This!
Join the Protest Line and Build Up for Our
Demonstration On December 19th!

VICTORY for Uber/Lyft, ALL App Drivers! TLC Passes Minimum Rates By Which Companies Must Pay App Drivers!

The TLC passed these minimum rates that companies must pay App drivers for each trip! This means that Uber/Lyft & co. can’t cut the rates!

NEW App Rates.PNG

NO MORE UBER AND LYFT CUTTING RATES! Since our protests in February 2016 when Uber cut rates, we have been fighting for these rules! With these new rules, Uber and Lyft can no longer cut the rates on drivers' backs. Uber, Lyft drivers will gross 11% more per trip on average and the rates will be doubled on out of town trips (which is straight from NYTWA's proposal)!

The rules passed, and Commissioner Marino called for higher rates with 80% to drivers, supporting our Raise for All Drivers Demands! Chairwoman Meera Joshi responded that she believes TLC rules will eventually get there! So we have a first giant step and the stage set for our ultimate victory!

For yellow and green cab drivers, the TLC showed support by refusing to vote on Congestion Pricing! They also voted to lower the credit card fees and increase WAV payments! Our Unity Brings Home the Victory!

Today, we celebrate our steps forward and better understand TLC's new rules. Tomorrow, get ready to hit the streets and stop the attack of Congestion Pricing so we can win a real Raise for All Drivers!

Now We Fight For More! Our Demands for our RAISE FOR ALL DRIVERS CAMPAIGN!

  1. Raise App Driver Payment Rates to NYTWA Proposal, require 80% to drivers: Initial Drop: $3.30; Distance; $3/mile; Time: $.60/minute

  2. If Uber charges the passenger more than these rates under Upfront Pricing, then driver gets 80% of the higher fare.  

  3. Set Minimum App Fare so driver cannot make below $10 amount on any trip 

  4. Cap on FHV Vehicle Finance and Lease (same as we won for yellows in 2012!) $350 per week cap for weekly leases; $275 per week for lease to buy financing   (and no more than $42,900 in total)

  5. Exempt Yellow cabs from Congestion Pricing

  6. Make yellow and green meter rates same as App driver payment rates! 

  7. Debt Relief for Medallion Owner-Drivers

  8. Cap TLC Fines & No more Suspensions/Revo same time as fines

  9. Retirement + Benefits for All Drivers  

Speak Up At the TLC Public Hearing on Congestion Pricing on Wednesday, Nov 28!!!

33 Beaver Street
(4/5 to Bowling Green; R/W to Rector Street)


Keep up our fight to exempt yellow cabs from the $2.50 Congestion Pricing fee on all trips below 96th Street! Uber, Lyft, and other Apps will be able to charge 75cents for cars “available” for group rides, even if the car has only one passenger. Other App cars pay $2.75 per trip.

The majority of yellow cab trips will be affected. The meter will go up, but drivers get nothing. All the money will go to the MTA. Drivers will lose fares and tips will be wiped out. Owner-drivers struggling to keep up mortgages will be devastated. Call for yellows to be exempt, just like the state exempted liveries in 2009 from the 50cents MTA tax.

If the congestion pricing fee will lead you to bankruptcy or foreclosure, you need to speak up at the TLC public hearing!

The City and State can still fix this!

Support for us is growing and there may be lawsuits. SPEAK UP about how hard it is to make anything right now and how the fee will affect you. Bring foreclosure, eviction, bankruptcy notices. The hearing will be packed with media and officials. To hear us, they have to see us! If you cannot come due to work, ask a family member or friend to come for you.

Vigil on Sunday, Nov. 18th to Honor the Life of Brother Roy Kim

Please join us on SUNDAY, November 18th to honor the life and service of Brother Roy Kim, a yellow cab owner-driver who took his own life on November 4th. Brother Roy is the 8th driver to take his own life in the past year.

Below is our statement on Brother Roy:

We are devastated by the news that an eighth New York City professional driver has died by suicide. Friends described Roy Kim as hardworking, quiet, and dignified. Roy worked six days a week up to 14 hours a day. Friends in his community of Korean yellow taxi drivers took him out to dinner to celebrate after he purchased his medallion in 2017. Owner-drivers have suffered a deep and vicious slide from the middle class into crushing poverty, in a just a few short years.  

This crisis can be fixed. The struggle for owner-drivers is reminiscent of the 2008 housing crisis. In that crisis, the industry, government, advocates, and philanthropy came to the table to find solutions. Now, banks and lenders need to work with the city and philanthropy to write off 20% of outstanding debts, lower interest rates, and restructure contracts so that no owner-driver has to lose more than 20% of their monthly income to the mortgage.  Drivers need a buffer to stop sinking. And that means financial relief.  While the city builds on the For-Hire-Vehicle cap and moves on a package of bills, including one that passed today on a Council Taskforce to study medallion debt, change can't come fast enough when every day is a struggle for drivers. 

Vigil to honor Brother Roy Kim
Sunday, November 18th
Boathouse Bridge at
Flushing Meadows Park
Queens, NY 11375

Pack the Hearings Rooms To Say NO Congestion Pricing on Drivers' Backs!

Be at the City Council and TLC Public Hearings on Congestion Pricing to MAKE SOME NOISE & DEMAND EMERGENCY ACTION from the City to bring drivers out of crisis! Say NO Congestion Pricing on Drivers’ Backs!

Under Congestion Pricing, every yellow cab trip below 96th St. will have an extra $2.50 tax. The meter will start at $5.80 (plus night + rush hour surcharges).

Uber, Lyft, & All Apps will charge $.75 extra per trip for cars available for group rides, or $2.75 per trip on other cars.

We know yellow cabs will be more affected! If you are a yellow owner-operator or lease driver who fears you will be forced into bankruptcy, then please speak up!!!

Bring your loan and rent statements and tell your story!

Pack the Hearing Room!
City Council Hearing on Congestion Pricing
MONDAY, November 19th
City Hall

Make Your Voice Heard!
TLC Hearing on Congestion Pricing
WEDNESDAY, November 28th
33 Beaver St.