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Temporary Restraining Order Blocking Congestion Pricing Extended to January 31st!

Great News!! On January 17th, a judge ordered that the Temporary Restraining Order Blocking Congestion Pricing will be extended until January 31st! That means there will be no fee for the entire month of January!

Congratulations to the plaintiffs who filed the lawsuit and to the hundreds of NYTWA members who filled the streets and packed the courtroom on January 17th as the judge heard the case on the fee!

While the state's attorneys argued to have the case dismissed, the Judge actually extended the restraining order until a January 31st hearing, giving us more time to pressure the Governor, Assembly Members and state Senators to exempt yellows and greens from CP! 

Keep Building Up Momentum, Brothers and Sisters! We Are Making Victory Possible!


Court Hearing on Congestion Pricing
Thursday, January 31st
80 Centre Street


Albany Action Day!
Tuesday, February 5th
Meet up at 10:30AM at the New Baltimore Service Area 

located between Exit 21B and Exit 22 north bound on the NYS Thruway.  
We will also arrange rides for anyone without a car. 

Drive in a motorcade into Albany to ask State Senators and Assembly Members to permanently exempt yellow and green taxis from the congestion fee!  We will circle in protest around the Capitol Building, hold a press conference and visit legislators. 

Without the exemption, we all know yellow and greencab driver families will face major bankruptcy and eviction crisis, destroying thousands of lives.  On the other hand, winning the exemption lets us fight for a Raise for All Drivers by establishing the same minimum meter rate for yellow, green and Apps - $3.30 initial, $3/mile and 60c per minute.  App drivers would get minimum 80% of the fare! The new App rates starting on Feb. 1 are a good start, but our campaign for a real raise continues!

Two more things about our January 17th Rally on the court steps: First:  there were yellow owner-drivers and lease drivers, greencab, App, livery and black car drivers.  Many Uber/Lyft drivers came in solidarity, just like yellow owner-drivers stood in solidarity at the TLC public hearing on App driver payment rules.

Second:  so many members organized each other for the rally.  Drivers were texting on WhatsApp groups, calling friends, made their own copies of the flyer and posted them at airports and restaurants.

We, brothers and sisters, are a real movement.  We cannot be stopped or divided.  And together and active, we will always make victory possible!     

See You This Thursday (Jan. 31) In Court + Get Ready for Feb. 5th!

We're Getting Ready to Pack the Courtroom on Jan. 17th + To Keep Up The Pressure on the App Companies Until Feb. 1st!