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We're Getting Ready to Pack the Courtroom on Jan. 17th + To Keep Up The Pressure on the App Companies Until Feb. 1st!

Pack the courtroom on Thursday, January 17th as a New York State Judge hears the case on the $2.50 Congestion Pricing fee! We need the judge to keep blocking the start date for Congestion Pricing to pressure the Governor to exempt yellows and greens!

80 Centre Street

If Congestion Pricing starts, we will not be able to raise the yellow/green meter rates and that will make it harder for App drivers to also get a raise. The New TLC App Driver Rates are an average 11% raise per fare. It's a start, but not enough!

Winning an exemption against CP lets us fight for a Raise for All Drivers by establishing the same minimum meter rate across the entire industry, with 80% of the fare to App drivers! Without the exemption, yellows and greens will face major bankruptcy crisis, destroying thousands of families.

Fill Up The Streets + Pack the Courtroom to Stop Congestion Pricing!



Now Starting 

The New TLC App Driver Pay Rates were supposed to start January 11, 2019 but were delayed to Friday February 1, 2019. We are keeping up the pressure on the City and the Companies to stop any further delays! 

Check out our new Know Your Rights Web Page (www.nytwa.org/calculator) to see the countdown clock to the new rates!  You can use our calculator to see how much more you will be paid under the new rates.  And to make sure the city and companies don't delay the raise again, use the calculator to report how much a delay costs you in income per trip.

Check Out Our New Know Your Rights Page with a Calculator for App Driver Pay!

Home Page KYR.PNG

There is also has a calculator you can use to see how much more you would make per trip under our Raise For All Drivers Proposals! 

Summary of App Driver Pay Rates + Other Income Protections We Won
Starting February 1, 2019:

App Driver Payment:

App companies must pay drivers using the following minimum rates on each trip. (There is no extra commission taken from the driver. All goes to driver to pay vehicle and other expenses.)

  • Distance: $1.09 per mile

  • Time: $0.495 per minute

  • Out of Town Trips

    • Distance: $1.262 per mile

    • Time: $0.574 per minute

  • Group Ride Bonus: amount to be decided

These rules mean Uber, Lyft, etc. can no longer cut the rates on drivers! We finally have a floor to stand on! TLC's rates are higher on some trips than what Uber and Lyft pay today. Based on our analysis, it's an average 11% raise. Remember, we keep up the fight for more, and a raise for ALL DRIVERS!

App Company Enforcement:
· In addition to responding to driver complaints, TLC will audit trip records on a regular basis.
· Will require high volume FHVs to submit data on a regular basis to assist in audits and future policymaking
App Company Transparency:
· Requires bases to hold on to records for three years.
For Yellow and Green Cab Drivers:
· Credit card processing fee reduced from $11 to $7 / shift
· Increase coming in Accessible Dispatch & TIFF payments: to be announced on website
· Eliminate cap on payments for SHL Accessible grant program
· Include all yellow WAV's in programs (including accessible medallions)
· Require garages & brokers pay insurance claims to drivers who paid for repairs
· Require garages to give drivers credit on the lease when car is late. Allows garages to lease taxis for less than 12 hour shifts at pro-rated lease amount
· Requires taximeters to show total added amount

Temporary Restraining Order Blocking Congestion Pricing Extended to January 31st!

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