2015.  Licensing: Drivers no longer have to wait for 3 years to reapply if revoked due to CDP or PVP and Defensive Driving Course taken even on TLC CDP hearing date will reduce points to stop TLC revocation or suspension.  Won back 80% of licenses previously denied during Fitness reviews.

2014.  The Taxi and Livery Driver Protection Act is signed into law, requiring a sign in all yellow taxis, green cabs, and liveries warning against assaults on the driver.

2014.  TWA's complaint leads to Attorney General’s $1.4 million settlement against SLS Jet for overcharges.

2013.  TWA's proposal for 20+ benefits wins bid to administer Healthcare and Disability Fund.

2012.  Wins 17% Fare Raise!  Leases stay frozen.  First-ever lease cap against broker overcharges.  Vote to establish Healthcare and Disability Fund for drivers -- first of its kind.

2011.  National TWA becomes 57th union of the 13-million strong AFL-CIO and newest member of International Transport Workers Federation (ITF).

2011.  Wheelchair dispatching program is revamped.  NYTWA wins fight for drivers to be paid for extra time necessary.

2011.  Establishes first Lease Caps Enforcement Unit at TLC and Attorney General’s Office to prosecute violations, with $2 million recovered to date!  Also, the first Enforcement Unit for Illegal Pick-ups.

2011.  A Drivers’ Bill of Rights is mandated to be posted at every fleet and brokerage, holding them accountable for the first time under leasing.

2010.  Defeats garage/broker lawsuit which aimed to take back lease cap rights, protection from retaliation, and more.

2009.  Wins right to have a TLC Judge order garage/broker to pay back overcharges to drivers.

2009.  Wins reduction of MTA tax from $1 to 50 cents after fighting NY State legislature.

2007.  NYTWA becomes 1st non-traditional union voted into any Central Labor Council in the U.S.

2007.  Second strike, against GPS Tracking, fights for drivers’ right to privacy and attracts massive following.

2006.  TLC adds a fuel surcharge to the meter after NYTWA members mobilize.

2004.  TLC tries to remove the $1 surcharge during rush hour.  We fight back and win.

2004.  Wins Fare Raise, creating Living Wage standard for NYC taxi drivers.  Incomes up 35-45% to date.

2001.  With drivers largely uninsured, the union launches annual health fairs at airports to provide direct screenings (glucose, blood pressure, etc) and education.  Over 10,000 cab drivers served.

2001.  After 9/11, helps over 2,000 drivers apply for public assistance from FEMA, totaling $15 million in aid.

1999.  Ends “double-ticketing” by NYPD and TLC, and stops TLC from requiring drivers to post a bond and turn in license before a hearing.

1998.  Largest city-wide taxi strike brings Manhattan to a halt as thousands of drivers protest proposed TLC rules which would increase insurance costs, fines, and  other expenses.  Solidifies NYTWA as a union in the eyes of taxi drivers, the public, and the media.