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NYTWA Wins Historic Legal Decision! Let's Build on our Victory in Court with a Victory at City Hall!

NYTWA Wins Historic Victory: New York State Uber Drivers' Right to Unemployment Benefits!!

NYTWA Members just won a historic decision! The New York State unemployment Insurance Appeal Board just ruled that three of our members - and all other drivers treated like them by Uber - are employees with a right to Unemployment. Drivers now have some security when we get deactivated or if we leave the job because we can't make enough to cover expenses or earn less than Minimum Wage. Uber will now pay a price if they keep firing us, or over-hiring when there isn't enough work.

Uber keeps hiring drivers even though there is not enough work. When the bonuses end, the income dries up but the car payments remain. 42% of Uber and Lyft cars on the road are empty at all times. And still, App companies put out close to 2,000 new cars on the road every month. 25% of the new drivers leave Uber within a year in NYC. And then there are the drivers who are "deactivated" - the fancy Silicon Valley word for taking a person's job away.

Now, when drivers leave Uber because 1) you're not making enough to cover expenses, or 2) you're making below Minimum Wage, or 3) you were deactivated, you now have the right to Unemployment Insurance.

Until 2016, in NYS, when Uber drivers filed for Unemployment, the claims were just sitting there. We sued the Governor in Federal Court. We fought for two years. Represented by Brooklyn Legal Services and NYTWA's Staff Attorney, our Members Levon Aleksanian, Jakir Hossain (who was also found to be an employee of Lyft), and Jeffrey Shepherd Stood Up and Fought Back! And now, thousands of drivers have some security! 

When we fight back, we can win! Stand up for our next victory: our Campaign for City Council Action!!!

As we come close to the final round of our campaign, come together for detailed updates on City Council bills, and how to fight back against TLC interference and Uber's counter offensive. Let's Strategize Toward Victory!

Attend our
At 12 Noon &
At 1:00 AM
NYTWA Office (31-10 37th Avenue, Suite 300)

The City Council and Mayor are making bills final. Votes could be at the August 8th Council General Assembly. We have the Momentum to Win! Defend our Demands! The TLC put a proposal that locks App drivers out of 80% of the fare revenue as Uber and Lyft's business grows - and locks yellow, green, livery, and black car drivers out of a raise. Uber launched a $2 million ad campaign against a Cap on Vehicles.

We have been campaigning for months. We have worked too hard. We have lost too many. We have too much to win. Stand up, Brothers and Sisters! Our Crisis Has a Solution!

12 Noon
Broadway & Murray

As we strategize and continue to mobilize, don't forget to call your Council Member with our demands! Click here to look up your Council Member by entering your street address & borough!

NYTWA Statement on Proposed For-Hire-Vehicle CAP in NYC, Cap on FHV leasing expenses, & Health Fund for Drivers

Rally for City Hall Action This Tuesday, July 10th!