NYTWA Calls on TLC to Enact a Meaningful Raise for All Drivers

In advance of the Taxi and Limousine Commission public hearing on Wednesday, October 3rd on a set of rule proposals regarding driver incomes - including a first-ever regulation of the minimum which App companies must pay drivers per trip - NYTWA calls on the TLC to enact a meaningful raise for all drivers. We believe the TLC commissioned report underestimates actual driver expenses by as much as $10,000 per year and that gross fares will on average remain close to the same as what Uber is already paying drivers per trip.

NYTWA research has found analyzing 183 UberX fares taken within New York City since 2017 that current Upfront Pricing fares are 24% higher than what Uber charged in 2016 and that the real commission paid by Uber drives on these fares would be 29.17%. Moreover, the current Upfront Pricing fares are 12% higher than the regulated taxi fare for the same trips. In sum, passengers are paying more but drivers are earning less.

NYTWA proposes instead that the TLC mandate rates similar to what customers are already being charged by Uber so that drivers can benefit from a real raise, and also apply those rates to the yellow and green taxi meter, so drivers across all sectors can earn more and rise out of poverty. 

Read our letter to the TLC with our proposals below!