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NYC IS STRIKE READY! TOMORROW Uber - Lyft - Juno - Via Apps OFF 7AM-9AM!

New York City Uber-Lyft-Juno-Via Drivers are STRIKE READY!

Apps OFF for Uber, Lyft, Juno, Via from 7AM-9AM and then rally at 1PM outside Uber/Lyft/TLC Headquarters in Long Island City at 31-00 47th Ave!

Here is NYC's Action-Packed Schedule for Tomorrow's Global Day of Strike!

  • 7AM - 9AM: Strike Time! 
    Apps Off for Uber, Lyft, Juno, Via! We will also be handing out flyers and holding banners at bridge entrances around the city. You can join us in Queens at 41st Ave & Crescent St or in Brooklyn at Adams & Tillary!

  • 9:30AM: Press Conference at the Wall Street Charging Bull! 
    Uber/Lyft/Juno/Via drivers can stand at our conference in front of the Charging Bull Statue, Bowling Green Park.

  • 1:00PM: ALL DRIVERS - Uber/Lyft/Juno/Via, yellow, green, black car, livery - RALLY at Uber/Lyft/TLC Headquarters at the Falchi Building, 31-00 47th Ave in Long Island City!


#1. In solidarity with our driver brothers and sisters fighting to stop poverty and debt and in support of their national demands! The national strike was sparked by our brothers and sisters at our sister organization Los Angeles Rideshare Drivers United. The strike has now gone global with drivers in Australia, Chile, Brazil, Nigeria, Costa Rica, and Nairobi participating!
#2. To Secure a Livable Income by ending Upfront Pricing where passengers pay more but drivers earn less. We want the TLC to regulate a minimum rate of passenger fare - so drivers in other sectors are also not undercut - and guarantee App drivers earn 80% - 85% of the fare by capping the commission at no more than 15% - 20%! As Uber and Lyft start selling public shares on Wall Street, they will start to raise the fares to make investors happy. Drivers should not get cut out of the fare revenue!
#3. To Win Job Security for App Drivers by ending Unfair Deactivations in NYC! Uber, Lyft, and all App Companies deactivate drivers for no just reason, and without proper Appeals. Deactivation is just Silicon Valley - speak for unjust firing.  Drivers can lose up to months before hearing back, lose income, and have to pay for vehicle and insurance expenses out of pocket. We demand job security for App Drivers that will be won when Uber and company issue new contracts that tell drivers of their rights and when the City legislates terms for just terminations, and guarantee drivers' right to appeal through courts where drivers can have full due process.
#4.Put Drivers' Lives Before Company Profits! Uber/Lyft going public on the stock market will make billionaires of Uber and Lyft bosses while drivers struggle in poverty and the companies destroy the livelihoods of drivers in every sector. We are fighting back! We must put an end to their business model of flooding the streets with cars by protecting our NYC Vehicle Cap victory. We rise up to demonstrate our collective power and to send a message: we will not be silenced and we will not be divided.

Brothers and Sisters, We Are Strike Ready and Will See You on the Streets Tomorrow!

Congratulations May 8 STRIKERS! We shook Wall Street in its boots!

STRIKE! Uber, Lyft, ALL App Drivers on Wed, May 8th, 7AM-9AM!