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Congratulations May 8 STRIKERS! We shook Wall Street in its boots!

Congratulations May 8 STRIKERS! Salutations to STRIKER families! Gratitude to our dear riders who refused to cross the strike line! You made history with your sacrifice and shook Wall Street in its boots. Before they rang their bell we rang the alarm. And the good people of the world stood up for us and with us. Strikes belong to the fearless and the visionary. And the victory is not in how they define us. It's in our new awakening. The new day has dawned. And we're never going back. Onward and forward. To victory we drive.

To our NYTWA members, we are so proud to be your union. To our sister organizations, we are so proud to be your comrades. Driver Power! Union Power!

Take THAT, Wall Street!

Read the May 8th Joint Statement from STRIKING Cities!

NYTWA Statement on NLRB Legal Memo on Uber Drivers

NYC IS STRIKE READY! TOMORROW Uber - Lyft - Juno - Via Apps OFF 7AM-9AM!