Recent Media on our Owner-Driver Debt Forgiveness Campaign: New York Times Investigation Part 1, NYT Investigation Part 2, NYT Mayor and NYS Attorney General Response to Investigation Media Coverage on May 8 Global Strike Against Uber & App Companies: Yahoo Finance, CNBC, Washington Post

Action Alerts!

ALL DRIVERS - Yellow, Green, App-based, Black, Livery - RALLY TO WIN A RAISE FOR ALL!
Steps of City Hall

All Drivers Rally To:

+ Protect the Vehicle Cap! (TLC Hearing is on July 23 at 12pm at 33 Beaver Street!)
+ Win a Cap on FHV Lease and Financing Rates!
+ Officially petition the TLC to set minimum passenger rates across the industry and require App companies to give drivers at least 85% of the fare!
+Win an end to unfair deactivations where drivers are fired with no reason, just cause, or appeal!

Then join the TLC Public Hearing to protect the Vehicle Cap so that Uber/Lyft can’t flood the streets with endless numbers of cars!

TLC Public Hearing on Vehicle Cap
Tuesday, July 23
33 Beaver Street