Statement: "It's the first real attempt anywhere to stop app driver pay cuts, which is an Uber and Lyft business practice at the heart of poverty wages."

(New York, NY) Today, the Taxi and Limousine Commission is voting on a minimum pay standard for NYC's app-dispatched drivers. The pay standard is the result of organizing that NYTWA began in 2015 when we first protested against Uber cutting driver pay rates. It is an important step toward solving the crisis hurting drivers in every sector. NYTWA is the only union that has united drivers across all sectors -- Uber, yellow taxi, green cab, black car, and livery -- and that continues to fight for a raise for all drivers.

NYTWA Calls on City Council to Exempt Yellow Cabs from Congestion Pricing 

Failure to Act will lead to more Bankruptcies and Homelessness Among Drivers 

Eight drivers pushed to suicide by financial despair in the past year

Drivers from every sector, yellow cab, black car, livery and Uber drivers themselves are facing foreclosures, bankruptcies and homelessness at an unprecedented rate

(New York, NY) After eight drivers were pushed to suicide by financial devastation in the past year, the New York Taxi Workers Alliance is calling on City Council to intervene to exempt yellow cabs from congestion pricing. Four of the eight suicides in the past year were yellow cab drivers, three of whom had been sunk into poverty after purchasing their own medallions -- ones a sure route to a middle class income. Among them was yellow taxi owner-driver Roy Kim the most recent driver to die by suicide.