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Joint National Statement on Why We Strike from May 8th Striking Cities (Released 5/8/19)

A Joint Statement From MAY 8TH STRIKING US Cities
Released Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Contact Information for all the Undersigned Organizations: 
LOS ANGELES - Nicole Moore, 323-309-1046
SAN DIEGO - Tina Givens, 760-505-7711
CHICAGO - Lenny Sanchez, 773-676-4817
BOSTON - Felipe Martinez, 760-505-7711
DC - Taylor Woods, 281-635-2439
NEW YORK - Eliza Bates, elizamargarita@gmail.com, media@nytwa.org, 646-285-8491 

We are calling for a National Day of Action Against Uber, Lyft, and all other App-based For-Hire-Vehicle companies on Wednesday, May 8th to shine light on how Uber and Lyft's flawed business model pushes hard-working drivers across the US and the globe into poverty and desperation. Driver-led grassroots organizations across the entire nation are unified in our call for a strike against Uber corporate greed. 

In their S1 filing, Uber unabashedly states that denying workers of basic employment protections like minimum wage, Social Security contributions, and other benefits is essential to their business model. Uber thinks their drivers make too much money even though in many cities drivers make as little as $7 per hour after expenses. But Uber plans to reduce driver incentives and even admits that "driver dissatisfaction will... increase." 

Investors must be clear: Uber and Lyft are not viable. At their core, their business models are based on impoverishing workers. While early investors will make billions, drivers are left with pennies-literally -- in some places, just two cents more than the IRS reimbursement rate of .58 per mile. 

We are ready to shut Uber and Lyft down on May 8th!   

We strike to protest the greed and destruction of Uber, Lyft and their Wall Street investors. In each of our cities, our protests are at different times and with unique demands - but we are united as one joint council of grassroots driver labor organizations with the shared goal of winning job security, livable incomes, and respect for App drivers. 

Drivers will never back off or fade into the night. Our movement will only grow stronger. It is critical that organized labor stand in deep solidarity and support the grassroots driver-led mass organizations that are at the cutting edge of this movement.

We call on legislators in every state and city to bring these tech giants under stringent regulations to stop the worker exploitation that leaves drivers in despair.  We call on drivers across the globe to show Uber and Lyft the power of our unity. We call on workers everywhere to stand in solidarity with our struggle. We call on all passengers to join us in our fight by respecting our strike and logging off all of the apps on May 8th.

Rideshare Drivers United, Los Angeles
Rideshare Drivers United, San Diego
Rideshare Drivers Advocates, Chicago
Boston Independent Drivers Guild (NOT Affiliated with IDG NY)
Drive United, Washington DC

NYTWA Statement on NLRB Legal Memo on Uber Drivers

BREAKING: NYC Uber & Lyft drivers to STRIKE May 8th!