Take Action to Pass FHV Study and Limit on New Vehicle Permits!

TAXI DRIVERS: Yellow, Green, Uber!

If this is your full-time job, then stand up and protect it!

Uber is on a warpath – lying and lobbying – to stop the City Council from requiring a study on the Environmental Impact of the new FHVs & to limit the number of new vehicle permits during the study.


“I drive (a taxi, green cab, Uber, Lyft, black car) for a living and none of us can make a living because of the congestion and the over competition.  Protect the hard-working drivers, not the billionaires at Uber!”

For Your Council Member’s Phone Number & Address, Call NYTWA at 718-706-9892, or Call 311.

NYC, Rise Up!

Don’t let Uber, Lyft & other App Companies Turn Our Full-Time Jobs into Part-Time, Temporary “Gigs.”  Uber drivers in US earn less than $15,000/year.  In NYC, Uber wants to add 10,000 NEW cars to their fleet of 19,800.  Drivers are only good, though, until the Driverless Cars are built. (Uber started tests in Pittsburg.)  

Don’t let taxi fleets and brokers tie us down to high leases & no benefits!  

In France, Brazil, South Africa, Australia and dozens of countries across the world, professional, full-time taxi drivers are standing up, fighting back, defending their rights.