Report Airport Dispatching Problems

If you have a problem getting dispatched at the airport, please report to us immediately.  The Port Authority is testing out a new RFID Tag based automatic dispatching system at JFK and, once perfected, soon at LaGuardia.  The system is intended to make dispatching smooth and efficient, saving drivers and riders unnecessary wait time, and doing away with the terminal bribes and shake downs.  The TLC is starting its own undercover enforcement against hustlers at JFK and LaGuardia.  We cannot afford a system failure, especially with unprecedented traffic congestion, illegal pick-ups and the loss of out-of-town fares at both airports.  Report dispatching delays and illegal pick-ups!

NY Post (4/18/15): City invests over $1M in illegal cabbie crackdown at LaGuardia
NY Post (11/10/14): High-tech taxi dispatch system fails at JFK Airport

Call the office, stop by, or email us the time, date, airport (JFK or LGA), which lot if LGA or which terminal if JFK, a short description, and your phone number.

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