Victory! TLC’s New “Re-entry” and DDC Rule effective May 31st

On April 23rd, the TLC Board voted on a new “Re-entry” rule to allow drivers to reapply before the end of the three year revocation period, if they can show that they have three or less points from the date of the application going back three years.  

The TLC also voted to allow reduction of DMV points even if the Defensive Driving Course was taken after the TLC summons date up to the day of the final TLC hearing.  NYTWA fought hard for these rules, showing TLC over 100 cases where drivers were revoked for three years even if they had zero violations or points between the time of the ticket that lead to the revocation to the TLC revocation hearing.  Ninety percent of the drivers who lost their livelihood had incurred non-hazardous violations, not speeding or red light tickets.  

The new rules go into effect on May 31, 2015.  Spread the word!  Let your friends know they can come to the union office for help with the re-entry application, TLC summonses, and license assessments.  

NYTWA is moving onto phase two, campaigning for progressive suspensions instead of revocations (same right as for CDL holders), no monetary fines along with a suspension or a revocation of the TLC license, a maximum cap on all fines, required warnings before issuing a summons, a revocations settlement policy, and different weight for non-safety and off-duty traffic violations.  Join the Union!  Win the Fight!