Get Help for Licensing and Unfair Suspension Matters

Submitted your renewal application but no license yet?  Told you can’t even apply?  Denied a new license after you served the revocation or time on a past criminal conviction?  Were you logged out mid-shift for a suspension over a payment or hearing you didn’t even know about? 

Every day, NYTWA helps drivers get back on the road after administrative delays or wrongful action.  Contact the union with any Licensing or Accounts problems and we will help (718-706-9892). 

The NYTWA Courts Defense Project will also file Article 78’s to win back lost income in cases where a driver was wrongly suspended (for example, before the deadline to pay the fine after an appeal decision), unfairly denied the right to apply (for example, told you have too many points to apply new or renew when you don’t), or unfairly denied after a Fitness Interview (for example, not following state law on evaluating past criminal convictions).