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Tell the TLC: VOTE YES ON THE CAP this Wednesday, August 7th!!

Tell the TLC: VOTE YES ON THE CAP this Wednesday, August 7th!!

Get ready! This is the week that the TLC will vote to extend the Cap on new FHV Cars and to require App companies to dispatch MORE WORK to every active driver!

The more cars there are, the less fares every driver gets and the less reason App companies have to stop Deactivations and keep the drivers already working for them.

We packed the TLC for the public hearing, let's pack it again for the Vote! Uber and their paid-for lobbyists will be there to spread lies. Be there so Commissioners can look at DRIVERS as they cast their vote!

Pack the Hearing Room to say: VOTE YES!
33 Beaver Street

*We encourage you to arrive by 9:00AM to get a seat. The hearing is expected to end by 10:30/45 as there are no public comments, only a vote

There are already too many cars - 120,000 FHV's, all drivers are still in crisis, and we need driver incomes to be stable as we fight for more!

We know that winning the Cap gives us the foundation to win our demands for a Raise for All:

  • Set one MINIMUM passenger rate of fare across the industry so no company can cut rates! The TLC cannot set minimum rates less than the current yellow cab meter: $2.50 base + $2.50/mile + 50c/minute in slow traffic.

  • Same meter rules for out-of-town fares: Double the meter

  • Require companies to pay App drivers whichever is higher: 85% of passenger fare or total of TLC driver payment rates

  • Stop Unfair Deactivations with no notice, cause or appeal!

  • Cap FHV Financing and Lease Rates: MAXIMUM $350/week rental lease, including accidents and maintenance. $275/week financing and no more than $49,500 in total.

  • Stop upfront pricing by e-hail companies where passengers pay more but the company pays drivers less (like Access-A-Ride trips)

Keep up the energy, brothers and sisters! Pack the Hearing Room THIS WEDNESDAY to tell the TLC: VOTE YES! And don't forget to check out photos from last week's Port Authority Hearing below!

We packed the Hearing Room at the Port Authority Hearing on the $4 Airport Access Fee! Let's keep it up!

The Port Authority wants to charge a $4 pick-up fee on taxis and $4 pick-up and drop-off fee on FHV's at JFK, LaGuardia, and Newark. We were there to say: No Fees on Drivers' Backs! Check out photos from the hearing below!

With New York State Senator Leroy Comrie!

With New York State Senator Leroy Comrie!

Standing room only at the hearing!

Standing room only at the hearing!

TLC Votes YES to Extend Vehicle Cap!

TLC Votes YES to Extend Vehicle Cap!

Pack the Port Authority Hearing Room to say: NO $4 Airport Access Fee!