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Action Alert: Calling on ALL Owner-Drivers to Join Press Conference on Debt Forgiveness Tomorrow, July 11th!

Calling on all owner-drivers and supporters to join City Council Members Levine and others who are fighting for the City to put money on the table and use it's power to being the banks/lenders to refinance loans at market value and forgive the rest so owner-driver families can survive and our older members can retire with dignity!

12noon SHARP
Steps of City Hall
With Council Member Mark Levine + 10 Other Council Members Pushing for Debt Forgiveness for Owner-Drivers!

We want monthly mortgages to be capped at $900 and a retirement fund for ALL drivers with immediate cashout for elderly drivers. Join us this Thursday! The Mayor released a report on brokers and found many charged extra fees and made profit off loans they knew were too high to pay back, leaving families in life-long debt. But the report was silent on actual money for debt forgiveness. On the other hand, 10+ Council Members and Comptroller have called for actual financial support to end the debt. Stand up and make some noise! Debt Forgiveness Now!!! See you Thursday at 12pm SHARP at City Hall!

Debt Forgiveness Rally Today, Join Raise for App + All Drivers Rally Next Thursday!

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