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The New York Times printed an investigation on how medallion lenders took advantage with interest-only payments, overpriced (inflated) medallion values, thousands of dollars in fees on top of the mortgage, etc. AND that 7 government agencies KNEW but DID NOTHING.  The Daily News reported that yellow cab bookings are down by 36% compared to 2013.

 TAKE NOTICE YELLOW AND GREEN CAB DRIVERS:  EVERY OFFICIAL IS TALKING ABOUT THE CRISIS AND WAYS TO FIX IT!!! Join our June Albany Action month to stop the $2.50 surcharge, win an exemption from the new surcharge coming in 2021 & Win our Debt Forgiveness Campaign!

Meet at 10:30am at New Baltimore Service Area between Exits 21B and 22 on the north bound NYS Thruway

Press Conference/ Indoors Rally to Demand Yellow/Green Exemption from Congestion Surcharge & Action on Debt Forgiveness!

Fill out the form below, call us at 718-706-9892 or email media@nytwa.org if you need a ride.


Albany’s regular session ends around June 19th this year.  But the work continues and Senators and Assembly Members will be watching out for issues.  THEY NEED TO KEEP HEARING FROM DRIVERS EVERY SINGLE DAY IN JUNE!  Join us in Albany on June 11th and make the calls!

If you don’t know your State Senator or Assembly Member, you can enter your address at the link below to look them up!

Here’s what you can say when you call!

  • Talk about your last shift, how much you made for yourself, how much for the State, and how many hours worked

  • Tell them about your housing situation and family needs

  • The surcharge will cost drivers $15,000 in income for the year

  • Yellow & green cabs already pay 50 cents for MTA; close to $1 Billion since 2009!

  • 90% of yellow trips are in the zone

  • Most of our trips are short, which means on a $10 ride, drivers lose 30% in taxes to the MTA!

  • Yellow cabs did not cause the congestion.  There is record low number on the streets!

  • We will not get a raise for our own income in years

Stop the $2.50 Surcharge: Join us in Albany this Tuesday, June 11th!

Stop the $2.50 Surcharge: Join us in Albany this Tuesday, June 11th!

ALL Drivers Emergency General Meeting THIS Sunday, May 26th at 9PM!