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ALL Drivers Emergency General Meeting THIS Sunday, May 26th at 9PM!

We are on our way to victory!
Join the ALL DRIVERS Emergency General Meeting
THIS Sunday, May 26th
9:00pm (join us for iftari dinner before the meeting
NYTWA Union Office: 31-10 37th Ave, Suite 300, LIC NY 11101

OWNER-DRIVERS: We are in reach to win our Debt Forgiveness Campaign! Since the New York Times published a two part investigation into how medallion lenders took advantage of drivers with interest-only payments, overpriced (inflated) medallion values, thousands of dollars in fees on the mortgage, etc. and how SEVEN government agencies KNEW and DID NOTHING, every official is now talking about the crisis for owner-drivers and wants to take action! This is our moment to WIN!

NYTWA DEMANDS for Owner-Drivers:
1) Set market value of medallion and forgive any loan balance above that value.
2) Cap medallion mortgage payments at $900/month.
3) Stop the Lending Abuse.
4) Exempt yellow taxis from the $2.50 congestion pricing surcharge.
5) Establish one minimum metered rate o fare across the entire industry so all drivers can get a raise.
6) Give all drivers a modest fare increase so incomes can go up.
7) Establish a retirement fund so that drivers can retire with dignity, and a payout to those whose retirement was lost when the medallion crashed.

We have also been providing Hardship Letters and scheduling meetings with lenders to help bring down mortgages. If you need a HARDSHIP LETTER to give to the bank, come to the Sunday meeting with these documents!

  • 2018 Income (from Verifone or CMT)

  • Last loan statement

  • Medallion loan contract

  • Any doctors letters or other hardship letters

  • Credit Card bills

  • 2018 tax filing

APP DRIVERS: Congratulations to the thousands of App Drivers who went on STRIKE on May 8th - the first ever GLOBAL Strike of Uber, Lyft, Juno, and VIa Drivers! The STRIKE was front-age news across the world, almost every single Presidential candidate publicly congratulated Strikers, Mayor DeBlasio congratulated NYTWA members directly, Wall Street took notice, and Uber was forced to recognize our demands in their public statements. The STRIKERS made Drivers’ Lives the priority over Wall Street stocks! Join the movement!

ALL Drivers Unity Campaign Demands!
1. Stop the Upfront Pricing Scam where passengers pay more but drivers earn less
2. Guarantee 85% of the Passenger Fare to App Drivers!
3. Pay App Drivers NYC Rates for Out-of-Town Jobs!
4. Cap FHV Vehicle Financing and Lease Rates!
5. STOP Deactivations without notice, cause, or appeal!
6. Protect the Vehicle Cap! No returning to endless number of cars!
7. Stop Congestion Pricing in yellows and greens!
8. One Minimum Rate of Fare Across the Industry so all Drivers can get a raise!
9. Debt Relief for Struggling Owner-Drivers Now!

And if you are an App Driver who has been Deactivated and you haven’t already filled out our Deactivation intake, please fill out the form below to help us report Deactivations to the TLC and win Job Security for App Drivers!


NYTWA Statement: NYC Council Transportation Committee Chair Ydanis Rodriguez Joins Our Call for Taxi Exemption from Congestion Surcharge