We Told Albany: WE WON'T GIVE UP! Next Up: Demonstration on Feb. 26th Outside Governor's Manhattan Office!

THANK YOU to the 200+ drivers and families who made our Albany Action Day last week so powerful! Our caravan of yellow cabs and FHV’s filled the streets of Albany with the sound of our horns. Inside the Capitol, the noise of our chanting echoed throughout the building: “No More Suicides! No More Bankruptcies” “Tax the Rich! NOT the Poor!”


Now We’re Getting Ready To…

Fill the Streets Outside the Governor’s Office!
633 Third Avenue
Tell the Governor: Tax the Rich, NOT the Poor! Exemption for Yellow and Green Cabs NOW!

In the meantime, call your Senators and Assembly Members to tell them yellow and green cabs need an exemption! If you want to know who your legislators are, use this link to look up your State Assembly Member and use this link to look up your State Senator. You can also call us at 718-706-9892 or email us at media@nytwa.org and we can look them up for you!

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