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Join us at our ALL DRIVERS GENERAL MEETINGS On Our Next Victories at the City Council and TLC... You better believe it, our unity did it!

Come and join us!
This TUESDAY Shift, AUGUST 28th

Day Shift at 12noon and Night shift at 1am (technically Wed morning)
Union Office: 31-10 37th Avenue, 3rd floor LIC, NY

We beat the billionaires and won the FHV vehicle cap and more on August 8th and now, the City Council is holding a hearing on September 17th on regulating the lease and financing costs for FHV cars, a taskforce to help Owner-Driver Debt, plus 5 more bills.  

The TLC, meanwhile, has a hearing on October 3rd on proposals to raise driver incomes. 

DRIVER UNITY WON THE VICTORIES!  Keep up the Momentum, brothers and sisters!  Join the NYTWA meetings on Tuesday, August 28th at 12noon or 1am at the office, 31-10 37th Avenue, Long Island City. 

Join the meetings to discuss TLC Proposal and City Council bills and strategize for the SEPTEMBER 17th Council and OCTOBER 3rd TLC hearings!
See our flyer below!

NYTWA Testifies at City Council FHV Committee Hearing & Responds to FHV Bill Package!

VICTORY!!! You Better Believe It! NYTWA Did It!