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2018 Reflections + Victory Highlights in our End of Year Video!

Happy New Years, brothers and sisters! Thank you for everything you do for Justice, Rights, Respect and Dignity. Here is to 2018. And 2019, here we come!

And don't forget to PACK THE HEARING ROOM on THURSDAY, JANUARY 17th as a state Judge decides on whether or not to extend the Temporary Restraining Order against Congestion Pricing - while our case on how it will devastate especially the yellow and green cab sectors continues. Fill the Streets! Pack the Courts! THURSDAY, JANUARY 17th at 9:00AM at 80 Centre Street!

We're Getting Ready to Pack the Courtroom on Jan. 17th + To Keep Up The Pressure on the App Companies Until Feb. 1st!

Judge Grants Temporary Restraining Order Blocking Congestion Pricing! Get Ready…