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Join the Protest Line Outside the Governor's Office and Make Some Noise!!!

Protest Line Outside the Governor’s Office
No Congestion Pricing on Drivers’ Backs!
Every Monday thru Friday starting Dec. 10th
12pm to 4pm
Address: 633 Third Avenue
Stop by anytime to stand with us and say: Exempt Yellow and Green Cabs from $2.50 Congestion Pricing Fee!

Hit the Streets! Starting today, Monday December 10th, join our Protest Line outside the Governor’s Office as we build up for our big Demonstration on December 19th at 1:30pm!

We need to protest to win an Exemption for Yellow and Green Cabs from the $2.50 Congestion Pricing fee that will be on every taxi trip that passes through 96th Street and below: pick-up, drop-off, or even going through the zone to get to another destination. For example: If you are going from Brooklyn to the Bronx and pass through the FDR, there will be an extra $2.50 fee! Green cabs will pay $2.75.

This will be DEVASTATING. 90%+ of yellow cab trips will be affected. And struggling yellow and green drivers will be locked out of a raise for years!

MAKE SOME NOISE! Call on the Governor to hold an emergency session with the State Senators and Assembly Members to exempt yellow and green cabs, just like the state exempted liveries in 2009 from the 50cents MTA tax.

TELL THE GOVERNOR TO STAND WITH THE DRIVERS! Join the protest line anytime every Monday thru Friday from 12pm to 4pm! Call the Governor’s Office at 212-681-4580 and urge an exemption for yellow and green cabs! And build up our Demonstration Outside the Governor’s Office on December 19th!!

Demonstration Outside the Governor’s Office
633 Third Avenue

Since 2009, yellow and green cab drivers have contributed $1 BILLION for the MTA! Yellows and greens already give 50c for every trip and pay a vehicle lease sales tax that goes toward the MTA. Uber, Lyft, and other Apps, meanwhile, will get a break of 75cents for group rides, even if the car has only one passenger.

This Congestion Pricing Plan will not reduce congestion, or raise much money as the industry goes bankrupt. This plan is just a road map to make it easier for Wall Street's Uber and Lyft to monopolize as they go for their Initial Public Offering (IPO) in 2019.

AT THIS TIME OF CRISIS: Call for yellows and greens to be exempt!  Driver Unity won the Vehicle Cap and won the first-time regulations to give App drivers a raise.  Stay united.  Together, we can win this fight for yellow and green driver brothers and sisters who will be devastated by this surcharge.  Once we win this fight, then we can be in line for a raise for all drivers with one minimum meter rate with higher fares (Initial $3.30; $3/mile; 60c/minute slow traffic) and 80% to drivers - no matter what car you drive! 

We are already winning support at the TLC! At the Dec 4th TLC hearing, Chairperson Joshi said NYS should pause Congestion Pricing until there is a plan to also charge private cars. Other Commissioners added that there should be emergency action to stop it!  The Governor's Department of Taxation and Finance can also speak the truth that they do not have a way to implement this surcharge. As regulators, they can call for a delay, while the Governor calls Albany back to order to vote on an exemption.

We Can Win This!
Join the Protest Line and Build Up for Our
Demonstration On December 19th!

Support for us is Growing! Join the Protest Line and Build Up for the Demonstration Against Congestion Pricing on December 19th!

VICTORY for Uber/Lyft, ALL App Drivers! TLC Passes Minimum Rates By Which Companies Must Pay App Drivers!

VICTORY for Uber/Lyft, ALL App Drivers! TLC Passes Minimum Rates By Which Companies Must Pay App Drivers!