NYTWA Campaign:
Cap FHV Financing & Leasing

Cap FHV Financing & Leasing Rates For Livable Incomes

Campaign Background

On July 18, 2019 NYTWA members rallied on the steps of City Hall to present the Drivers’ Demands of a Raise for All, Job Security, and Livable Incomes to the TLC. We formally submitted our Rulemaking Petition to the TLC that they are required by law to respond to within 60 days! We won the foundation for stable incomes when the TLC voted to extend the vehicle cap by one year on August 7, 2019. But we know that the only way drivers will make a Livable Income is if expenses come down. One of our key demands in our rulemaking petition is for Livable Incomes by capping For-Hire-Vehicle Financing and Lease Rates: MAXIMUM $350/week rental lease, including accidents and maintenance. $275/week financing and no more than $42,900 in total for vehicle purchase.

Predatory Leasing

Starting in 2012, Uber partnered with predatory leasing companies to take payments from the driver directly out of the app.

Lease Cap History

We fought for and won a lease cap in the yellow cab sector in 2012 because we knew that garages were overcharging on the lease, leaving driver with higher and higher expenses and less money to take home.