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Albany Day 6/9 - Stand Up Against TNCs!

Stop the Private Pick-Ups!  Stop the TNCs!
Caravan to Albany!

Tuesday, June 9th
7am Gathering at NYTWA Office
7:30am Press Conference & Send Off
Return by 5:30pm

Even if you can't drive to Albany, join the 7:30am Press Conference!  You can also get a ride with a fellow protestor!  Bring your yellow, green, limo or livery!

There’s a bill in Albany to let Uber & other Apps dispatch to private drivers with personal cars in New York State.  Their business model is to flood the streets with cars & cut fares and raise them at their own will, killing professional jobs:  51% of Uber drivers are part-time & they set up recruitment for 10,000 NEW drivers in NYC to add to their 14,000 affiliated drivers.  There are 75 different Apps competing in NYC.  NO DRIVERS will be able to earn a full-time living.  RISE UP!   DOWNLOAD FLYER