The Consortium for Worker Education (CWE) has partnered with NYTWA to bring FREE CLASSES to all of our Members -- and their families -- in Computers, English Language, Citizenship, and Taxi Mechanics.  Classes run on Mondays!  Students are accepted continuously for each session.

Sign up online by filling out a quick form.  (And share the link with a friend!


ESL (English Classes) (7 weekly sessions)
Mondays:  11am to 2pm

Become better at speaking English!  We will go over common words and sentences for everyday use, whether you're driving a taxi, shopping for groceries, or meeting new people.  For taxi drivers, family, and friends, this class well help you have better conversation every day.

Intro to Computers (7 weekly sessions)
Mondays:  2pm to 4pm

Learn how to use a computer and the internet!  This class is great for beginners, with information that will be useful for both taxi drivers and non-drivers.  We will cover basics of computer and internet use, including setting up and using email, creating documents and spreadsheets, checking websites for DMV & TLC license issues, and the use of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Citizenship (4 weekly sessions)
Mondays: 2pm to 3pm

Get ready for the application and interview to become a U.S. Citizen.  Discover what rights you have as a citizen, including the right to vote and social benefits.

Taxi Mechanics and Budgeting (3 weekly sessions)
Mondays: 6pm to 7pm

Veteran taxi drivers teach members basic vehicle mechanics and how to save money on repairs.  Also, learn how to not get cheated by a mechanic.

Coming Soon!  NYTWA will offer a low-cost Defensive Driving Course, which is also open to non-members.