Campaigns At-A-Glance


Exempt Yellow and Green Cabs from Congestion Pricing

Since February 2nd, yellow cabs are turning over $2.50 every time they pick up, drop off or drive through with a fare 96th Street and below. Green cabs are turning over $2.75. It is devastating a workforce already in crisis, that is not the cause of the congestion, and that has already paid $650 Million to the MTA. 

Uber spent $100,000 to lobby for this version where App companies get a concession tax rate of 75 cents.  This Uber-paid for plan is unfair, cruel and in the end, will destroy a 25,000-workforce industry and leave the MTA underfunded.  We are calling on our State Lawmakers to grant an Exemption for Yellow and Green Cabs from the Taxi & FHV Congestion Surcharge by Amending N.Y. Tax. L. §1299.


Protect App Driver Job Security

Uber, Lyft and other Companies deactivate drivers with no repercussions, stripping drivers of job security. We are calling on the TLC to regulate Uber’s contract with drivers, which must inform drivers of their rights, including policy on deactivation.

If you have ever been deactivated, you can report Deactivation by filling out NYTWA’s intake form that we will forward to the TLC’s investigation!


Medallion Owner-Driver Debt Relief

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