Protect Full-Time Work!  

Drivers across the world are fighting back against companies like Uber with Apps dispatching directly to private motorists with private cars and private insurance.  They claim "on-demand" quick service and cheap fares and take no pre-arrangements but say they're not a taxi.  To be the quickest and cheapest, they skimp on insurance coverage and background checks, cut fares at will, then price gouge at will, dodge taxes, and flood the streets with vehicles, making it impossible for professional drivers to keep their jobs and customers to keep their safety.  Uber is recruiting 10,000 new first-time drivers and lobbying Albany to let them dispatch to private cars.  No drivers – yellow, green, Uber or livery – can earn a decent living.  NYTWA is part of a national campaign to protect drivers’ full-time jobs and win back lost income:  Stop NYS’s TNC bill and no special limo or livery base license or direct dispatching by Apps; TLC enforcement and geo-fencing at airports; Lower weekly lease and credit card processing; Mandatory taxi stands outside hotels.  For black cars:  Minimum fare, guaranteed number of trips, no double-ticketing (TLC & DMV), and a cap on number of cars.  And, our own national drivers’ App.

BENEFITS on the Job!  

In 2013, the Taxi Workers Alliance Benefits Fund was selected after public competition to administer first-time benefits for 30,000 drivers:  $350/wk disability insurance (off-duty injury or illness), vision, dental, hearing, back health, life insurance and more.  On June 4th, 2015, the NY State Appeals Court ruled to strike down our historic Healthcare and Disability Fund (garages sued to stop the benefits).    This Fund was just the start of what you all should have, what every worker on this earth should have.  Know your power and demand your rights.  The City Council can legislate benefits for every single taxi driver.  We cannot give up until they do.

Fair TLC Licensing Standards & Penalties! 

Loss of license is loss of livelihood.  NYTWA Campaign:  One year renewals grace period, limit scope and period of review for Fitness interviews, require all Licensing decisions to be in writing; Progressive suspensions instead of revocations, no double TLC fines on camera violations, no TLC monetary fines along with a suspension or a revocation, a maximum cap on all fines, warnings before a summons, a settlement policy, and different weight for non-safety and off-duty traffic violations.

Due Process Rights at OATH Taxi Courts! 

The TLC makes harsh rules and penalties, OATH seals the deal by adjudicating with less evidence and more bias.  NYTWA Campaign:  Place the burden of proof on the prosecution; no hearsay complaints by dispatchers, evidence if a driver is considered not credible, same motion to vacate procedures as other OATH courts, and stays on suspensions and revocations until the final Appeal decision.

Protect Our Incomes! 

There's a surplus in Albany.  In 2020, 50% of cabs will be wheel-chair accessible.  NY State should direct Access-A-Ride fares to taxis, and use the savings from the MTA-TLC taxi card (Access-A-Ride trips) to remove the MTA Tax and Vehicle Rental Tax ($4.77 per shift) and stop the 30 cents surcharge.  Stop hijacking our metered fares!

Traffic Rights

Exemption from turn restrictions, visible signs, early notifications, and access to bus and HOV lanes like most taxis have in other major global cities.

Real Infrastructure Change 

Vision Zero targets drivers and ignores congested streets with an unprecedented number of cars and infrastructure failures.  NYTWA Campaign:  Better lighting, more left turn signals, speed displays, and wider and well-lighted crosswalks.